Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by adulthood. I know I’m not the only one trudging my way through a quarter-life crisis trying to make it look like life’s a breeze while behind closed doors I’m eating rice crispy treats by the truckload and internally screaming Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. But my name is not Margaret, it’s Lexi. I’m not a pubescent 6th grader, I’m a grown woman with responsibilities. So they say.

After burning myself out working for “the man” I decided it was time to get myself together and start investing myself; in my joy, in my peace, in my happiness, and in my creativity. At the beginning of this year, I set some goals for myself and got down to business. (I refuse to call them resolutions. yuck.) Anyway, this blog is one of them. Blogging helps you “live a more intentional life”  according to Joshua Becker. This blog is part accountability partner and part bragging rights, but mostly a space for me to catalog my journey to being my fullest self.

I hope that by sharing my journey to a healthier mental space and happier life you will be inspired to share yours with me. As long as you like houseplants, salsa (the dance and the dip), yoga, and the occasional meme we’ll get along just fine.

In effect (n): in operation; in force; in truth.

Lex in effect, I’m in effect y’all!

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